Poetic Island

Poetic Island
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Macoucheri River - Day 12

Today, I thought I would take a causal walk to the Macoucheri River. It’s about 4 pm and the sun is beaming so I know the river will definitely hit the spot.  The road to the river is relatively flat which is not customary in Dominica, my body is sweating profusely and it seems that my 15 minute walk feels more like an hour.  I arrive and take a few minutes to take in the sights surrounding this river.  
The Mango Tree
Sugar Cane

Sugar cane, mango, and native trees keep this river secluded from the rest of the world. A Rum factory name in honor of the river is the Macoucheri  Rum. It is a favorite among the locals. As I prepare myself for this delight, I look into the heavens and feel sprinkles of water drops coming across my face. I think to myself this is only temporary so I found a cool spot near a mango tree and wait it out. There are ripe and spoiled mangos on the ground. I look through a few and fin a few just ripe mangos and enjoy the sweet fruit. 

 The rain gets harder so I must find a better shelter. There is cricket field just a few minutes away that has shelter for players during the game. Under the protection of the shelter, I locate a bench and lay down to enjoy the refreshing rain. My body temperature is no longer hot and a short nap would give me the needed energy to make it back home.  Relaxing on a bench on the edge of a cricket field, I feel the cool breezes of the rain calming my nerves and although I did not get my river bath deep inside I still was able to meet my goal.

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