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Poetic Island
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Giving Back to Dominica-Day 13

View from Morne Bruce
One of my core beliefs is that if you see a need and it is in your power to give then you should give. By being a frequent visitor of Dominica I have developed friendships and I am always quick to lean a helping hand if I have the ability too. So for a few days I helped with the VF Inc Youth Series, which was a 5-day program designed to inspire young people to be their best. The program was held in Morne Bruce which just a few minutes from Roseau but is on a high mountain above the capital city. At this point the natural landscape brings a peaceful spirit to the place. I presented a workshop on Preparing for the College Environment and helped in doing some mock interviews with some of the participants. The program had over 150 students in attendance and I was happy that the organization has asked me to play a part. 

VF Inc Youth Series

With one of the presenters Franklyn Moses
 Additionally, I presented a workshop for the Nature Island Literary Festival entitled” How to Successfully Self-Published your Book”. In January of this year, I release the book “Poetic Island: Refreshing Expressions from Waitikubuli”. The objective of the workshop was to take the participants through the process of creating a book to marketing and selling a book. I had a lot of fun sharing my knowledge and the feedback of everyone in attendance indicated that they received very beneficial information that will aid them in publishing their books. The Nature Island Literary Festival is in its 4th year and the content and quality of the program creates new standards each year. They have wealth of programs line up for the weekend of August 5-7.
 I do plan to fully participate in this intellectually stimulating weekend.
For more information about the Nature Island Literary Festival visit http://www.dominicalitfest.com/
Some participants of my Workshop

 It’s moments like these that you want to thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon you. All of us are blessed with certain gifts and talents that need to be shared outside the workplace. As an eco-tourist, I believe that if one wants to have an authentic experience in a new culture, one must find a way to make a contribution at the visiting destination. So I would challenge anyone coming to Dominica to find a way to contribute. There are always events, workshops, or educational programs taking place on the island. One great source to find out what programs are occurring during your visit is to check out dominicanewsonline.com. Here you will often find contact information of organizations hosting a variety of events. It is best to contact the organization before your arrival so that the needed arrangements can be made for your voluntary donation of time and knowledge. Another option is the “Leave a Book Beyond” program currently being facilitated by the Jungle Bay Resort. The program simple requests that tourists leave a book beyond on their visits and this book is donated to the local school’s library. It is a simple yet effective way to make a powerful contribution to your vacation community. There are so many ways to give back, if you have any creative ways eco-tourists can give back to Dominica please contact me at Olivia@poeticisland.com

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