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Poetic Island
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Returning to the New World- Day 20

Last night, I had trouble going to sleep. I kept thinking about how much Dominica would be missed. As I reclined on my front porch, the Full Moon that had met me on my arrival was bidding me farewell. The breeze was rapidly cooling my body and memories of my many experiences were replaying in my head. Mentally,  I am not prepare to venture back into the New World. I almost feel like an astronaut that has been in outer space and must physically adjust to the gravitational pull of planet Earth. I have been free for these past few weeks, but soon I will be pressurized by the system of the western world. However, I am refreshed and ready to do what is required to live a purpose driven life. I thank God for sanctuaries like Dominica that allow one to hide away from what is modern and get back to the bare essentials of life. I take with me more passion for life and the positive energy that resonates from the natural life of plants and trees of Waitikubuli.

Melville Hall River
 I awaken at 4:30 am to make the hour to hour and a half ride to the Melville Airport. I am flying LIAT airlines to Puerto Rico and as always LIAT leaves up to its name (Leaving Island At anyTime). My flight was scheduled to leave at 9 am, but we departed at 10:40 am. So I had a chance to take in the Melville Hall River which runs parallel to the airport. It becomes a calming source for my nerves and I hear it telling me, we hope to see you soon. Indeed, Dominica will see me soon. I hope you have enjoyed my 20 days in Dominica blog and I invite you personally to experience one of the last unspoiled paradises in the Western World very soon. For more insights on Dominica visit PoeticIsland.com.

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