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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Day Before I Leave - Day 19

As I prepare to leave Dominica, I always try to say good bye to my friends. The time always passes so fast and then its time to go back to the rat race of America. In the morning I make my way to Henry's house. The cool thing about Henry's home is that it is over 100 years old and has been in his family since it was built. He boast at the fact that his father was born in this house. The home sits on the Shillingford estates which is comprised of more than 200 aces of land. It has not been declared a heritage site, but it is my hopes that one day it will. The roadway consists of stones embedded in the soil of the ground. It is primarily made of wood  and this only add to the charm and rustic environment of its inside. I have a cup of coco tea and we engaged in a conversation of current events. Henry is always in tune to worldly events and his radical opinions and thoughts are always entertaining.
100 Year old house in Loubriere

I make it to Roseau shortly before lunch and stop by a few more friends places of work to say my good byes. The question always being raised, " When will you be returning?". I sometimes reply jokingly, "Never", but they know that that is a lie. It is always sooner than never.  Dominica is a place that I always must visit if only once a year. En route to my bus stop, I hear jazz music coming from the second floor of a building. I decided to check out the source of this music. I walk in Bedneau Enterprises, a musical instruments and electronics supply store. I never knew Dominica had a musical instruments supplier online, I guess you learn something new everyday. Mr. Elwin Bedneau has been delivering instruments for the last 18 years and been actively in the music business for more than 35 years.  They offer professional audio equipment and all of the basic musical instruments required for a band. I also was informed that Dominica has the highest per capital of musicians than any other Caribbean island. So finding local entertainment on the island is not a problem. Actually, I like hanging out t the Anchorage Hotel on Thursday Evening's, because they have the band Shades of Green perform and showcase a local poet weekly.

General Manager Lennox

Owner Elwin

After my visit, I stop to purchase some fresh bananas and watermelon. After 4 pm, usually there are two trucks close to the bridge that exits the Roseau to the north and they sell bananas and watermelon right on the back of their trucks. The cost is $2EC for a slice of watermelon or for about (5) bananas.

It's now time to head home, and the beautiful sunset is a perfect way to end my last day in Roseau.
I have also include a little footage from my bus ride back to Mero. The footage is mostly of Canefield.

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