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Poetic Island
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Portsmouth's Indian River- Day 15

Today I ventured to Portsmouth to visit the Indian River. The Carib Indians used this river many times as their primary source of transportation, and today I will re-live their experience. Portsmouth is a one hour drive from Roseau and the bus fare is $10EC. On the Indian River,hand rode boats allow you to experience the Old World from the perspective of the Carib Indians. My tour guide today is James Bond. His name is not actually Bond, but in Dominica almost everyone has a nickname. From his first introduction, I immediately feel his passion for informing visitors about Dominica. I trust that my tour will be interactive and informative.  

 There are no motor boats allowed on this river, so no worries about loud boats passing you by. Peace and quiet are the only expectations in mind. The Indian River is the only river below sea level and therefore is composed of salt and fresh water. Its sea level also makes it the only still river on island. The tour is approximately  3/4 of a mile and the breeze is unforgettable. The temperature is perfect and the ancient trees are protecting this place from the rest of the world. I just wish that the river was a little longer because their is a magical and mystical feeling consuming my heart as I reflect on life before the modernization of man. The time just flows by so quickly and the essence of nature makes me yearn for more time on the river.  I can't understand how so many people cannot make time for the simple pleasures of nature, and many rarely find time to breathe. I can see why James enjoyed his job and has been satisfying visitors for the last 20 years. During the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, Johnny Deep and Orlando Bloom were his passengers when they had lunch at the Indian River Bush Bar which is at the end of the river tour.With his big kool-aid smile, he says that Johnny enjoys calling him James Bond He also shows me where they filmed Calypso's house in the swamp. After the trip down Indian River, I am feeling a little hungry.

 Once I make it back from the tour, the Indian River Restaurant & Bar is my dining choice today. It's a little after 3pm so the lunch crowd is gone. Therefore, I have the restaurant all to myself. The menu for today is curry chicken, rice, vegetables, provisions, and salad. The food is delicious. My stomach is full and now I will prepare for journey home.

View from the Back of the restaurant

View from the Indian River Restaurant

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