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Poetic Island
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rain in the Jungle - Day 17 & 18

To get some natural rest and relaxation, I stay two nights at the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa located near of the village of Delices. For over 6 years the Resort has offered visitor a wonderful place to get get away from it all. There are daily yoga sessions and daily tours available to many parts of the island. However, I was unable to go on a tour due to the heavy rains in the area for the last two days. I arrive around lunch and go straight to the restaurant to find a cure for my hungry. I decided on the tuna melt with a side of salad plus a cinnamon ice tea. It does a great job of energizing my body. The lunch menu incorporates many local dishes and puts an upscale spin on it. The menu also caters to vegetarians and very health conscious people.

Main Restaurant Hall
 After eating lunch, I will make my way to cottage #29. The restaurant is near cottage 15 so I will have a short  5 minute hike up hill to make it to my resting place. My body sweats a little as I finally reach my nature retreat.  It's about 3 pm now and after riding for over an hour from Roseau to reach Delices, I intend to take a nap. Then the rains pour down, down, and down. The time flies by fast and at about 6 pm the rains have taken a short break. So I stroll casually down to the restaurant with my hotel issues flashlight and umbrella to ending an evening dinner among other resort guests. My waitress Jo-Ann was extremely hospitable and immediately made me feel right out home. The service at Jungle Bay is truly 5 star. After completing my callaloo and house salad with a cup of coco tea, am ready to go back to my quarters to relax once again. Within 20 minutes the rains began to flow roughly against my cottage. I go to my outside shower and take a warm shower to prepare for the best sleep. The best sleep is that of the pouring rains producing melodies that put calms your body for its much needed rest.

The View from my cottage

 I lie down and with a few minutes I am fast a sleep. The entire night the rain bit and hit the walls of this rustic dwelling and I am feel with serenity and and nature's powerful forces are working to bring my body into harmony with the power surrounding me. Sweet sleep is all I feel with my body and mentally the rains powerful energy are releasing stresses that were deep inside of me. I am totally relax and I have the rain and the jungle of jungle bay for healing me.
My Bed in the Cottage
Outside Shower of Cottage

View from ride to Roseau from Delices

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